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    Kingfisher Regional Hospital (KRH) is a 25-bed hospital located in Kingfisher, which is the county seat for Kingfisher County. The hospital was started by a group of concerned local residents who wanted a hospital right here in town back in 1950. We pride ourselves on continuing that tradition by providing the highest quality of care right here in our community.
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    We are a mission-driven organization. We believe that everything we do must support our mission closely. We hope that you will agree that it is a mission worthy of such dedication. Our mission is to serve the healthcare needs of our communities with excellence, compassion, and commitment.

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“We will foster an atmosphere of compassionate concern for all.  We believe in the uniqueness of the individual and we will always act with kindness, respect, and utmost dignity.”


“We support responsible, reliable, and accountable behavior for quality service in our organization.”


“We demonstrate principles of integrity, trust, confidentiality, respect, and honesty in dealing with our patients, physicians, co-workers, and community.”


“We take pride in our work and develop our talents, skills, and abilities in order to promote excellence and contribute to the overall environment of our workplace.”


“We value a cheerful, creative spirit that inspires others to laugh and be adventurous, and that contributes to a more pleasant working environment.”


“We encourage each other while valuing each other’s perspective and supporting the individual as we focus on a common goal.”


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