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5 Healthy Kid Tips

It’s Mid-August that time of year when our kids go back to school! My, oh my, where has the summer gone? Or could you be possibly saying, “Whoopee! The summer is almost over and the kids are back in school!” Either way, we at Kingfisher Regional Hospital have compiled 5 tips for your kids.

1. Kids, start your day with breakfast!

          Breakfast will fill your empty stomach. By eating in the morning, it provides you energy for the day and it will jump start your metabolism. Studies have shown that it can help you in school, too!
2. Get Moving!
          It’s easy to fit physical activities into your daily routine. After school, walk, bike or jog to see your friends. Encourage your friends to join you for a bike ride or skate in the park! It’s a fun way to exercise with your friends! And, be sure to take a 10 minute activity break every hour while you read, do your homework or watch TV.
3. Be snack smart!
          Snacks are a great way to re-charge your body. Choose snacks like: an apple, celery sticks with peanut butter, carrot sticks or a glass of low-fat milk, water or even Gatorade.
4. Pump up your heart!
          Work up a sweat! Energetic work-outs help your heart pump better, give you more energy and help you look and feel your best. You should strive for 30 minutes daily. You could join a PE class in school!
5. Balance your meal!
          You don’t have to give up hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and ice cream! You just need to be smart about how often and how much of them you eat. Your body needs nutrients to be re-charged! Eating more grains, fruits and veggies, gives you more energy, and the vitamins, minerals and fiber, which your body needs. Just make sure you pick and balance your food choices from the Food Guide Pyramid.

          "Healthy Kid Tips" provided by Kingfisher Regional Hospital Dietary Services.

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