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KRH Birthing Center & Prenatal Care

Dedicated to excellence in health care for women and infants...

Kingfisher Regional Hospital's 25-bed facility is located in north-central Oklahoma's Kingfisher County. Since 1950, KRH has served the healthcare needs of Kingfisher and surrounding communities.

The LDR Suite....

Providing the highest standard of quality & comfort for birthing

LDR — labor / delivery / recovery. Yes, KRH offers the premium in comfort, environment, and nurturing for mothers and their newborn infants. In the LDR suite, mom remains in one place throughout the birthing process... no separate rooms for labor, for delivery, and for recovery. But best of all, the LDR suite is your newborn's room as well. This provides the optimum environment for enhancing the bond between a mother and her new infant.

Infant warmers come in each LDR suite, making for the perfect new family environment; new uncles, aunts, and grandparents can visit the newest edition to the family, as well as the proud new mom. By remaining in one room throughout the birthing process, mom and baby develop a deeper emotional bond not only to each other, but to their surroundings. Much of the stress and strain a new mom can endure can be minimized by not having to change rooms throughout the different stages of birthing.

Birthing Classes
The health of newborns and mothers starts at the beginning of pregnancy. To assist in the health and well-being of new moms and unborn infants, KRH offers Birthing and Prenatal Classes. Classes consist of:
  • Early Pregnancy and Fetal Development
  • Nutrition for Mom & Baby
  • Breast and Bottle Feeding
  • Fitness for Labor, Relaxation Techniques, Pain Relief Options
  • Stages of Labor
  • Caring for Your Newborn

Class Cost: FREE
Call Ann Finley at
(405) 375-3141
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