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KRH Celebrates National Hospital Week

Kingfisher Regional Hospital celebrated National Hospital Week, May 11 to May 17, with a special luau luncheon on Friday, May 16. In addition to celebrating Hospital Week, we also recognized our team member’s service to our hospital. “Their dedication and loyalty to serving our community is at the heart of our hospital”, stated Damon Benson, CEO. “We highly value each team member in their respective positions and are grateful for their contributions.” Each team member received a special gift in recognition.

“Caring Is What We Do Best” is the 2008 National Hospital Week theme. “Healthcare has a personal and very powerful role in the lives of every patron of the communities we serve,’” said Benson, CEO. “National Hospital Week gives us an opportunity to recognize the assistance of our healthcare workers and celebrate the great things happening in health care today.”

This was the 87th anniversary of National Hospital Week, an event begun in 1921 at the suggestion of a magazine editor who was afraid that the public perceived hospitals as institutions masked in secrecy. Today, National Hospital Week is celebrated all across the country and is the nation’s largest health care event.

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