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God's Precious Gift!
God's Precious Gift!

One might say that the Ortega Family received a precious gift from God. while many rural hospitals have stopped providing Obstetrical Care and Labor and Delivery, Kingfisher Regional Hospital (KRH) has remained committed to serving the women in the surrounding rural areas. That commitment paid big dividends to the Ortega family when on the evening of Monday, January 23, 2006, Carmen Ortega presented to KRH only five and one half months pregnant. Her baby was not due to arrive until May 2. Within 20 minutes of his mother arriving at KRH, little Santiage Emanuel also arrived, delivered in the ultrasound room. Dr. Arthurs immediately provided emergency care to the tiny infant as staff mobilized the necessary equipment to sustain life in an infant so tiny he was unable to breathe on his own. Assisting Dr. Aruthurs was Ann Finley, RN, Chuck Baldwin, RT and Deborah Day, CRNA. Santiago weighed in at 1 pound 9 ounces and was 13 inches long. He was quickly moved to the "Ohio Warmer" and assisted to breathe with the "Neo-Puff", a specialized piece of equipment that allows a tiny baby's lungs to be ventilated with-out over expanding them. While staff nurses attended to the needs of Carmen, Santiago was given the specialized attention critical to his survival. After he was stablized, Santiago Emanuel was transported by helicopter to OU Medical Center, where he stayed for the next two and one-half months. He was discharged home to his family in early April. At home, Santiago has continued to grow and thrive! "It's good to see him doing so well. We're very lucky to have the equipment and trained staff here at our hospital to meet the needs of such an emergency. Without this kind of emergency attention, Santiago's outcome could have been much different," stated Dr. Arthurs.

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