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Volunteers an Integral Part of KRH

Kingfisher Regional Hospital Volunteers are an important ingredient to the success of the hospital. Our Volunteers have been involved since, 1979, and with a total of 22 Auxiliary and Chaplain volunteers, they contribute more than 81,167 hours of service excellence annually to Kingfisher Regional Hospital.

“We are extremely grateful to what they bring to our hospital,” says Damon Benson, CEO. “As part of the hospital team, our volunteers compliment the care delivered by KRH’s team members by making sure that the needs of our patients, their families, and visitors are met.”

KRH volunteers help out in a variety of capacities, including greeting and providing comfort and support to patients and their families, delivering flowers, serving refreshments, escorting patient s or family members to department rooms, working in the gift shop, and providing spiritual support when asked. The funds raised by the gift shop are donated back to the hospital in the form of equipment and supplies.

Beulah Holt is the director of the Auxiliary volunteers and Cheryl Corkle is the director of the chaplain volunteers. If you would like to become a member of KRH’s volunteer team, please contact either one at 375-3141.

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